Aroma:  Piney, floral, and herbal

Vaporizes At: 366ºF (186ºC)

Potential Effects: Relaxing

Potential Medical Value: Antioxidant, sedative, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancer

Also Found in: Nutmeg, tea tree, conifers, apples, cumin, and lilacs


Terpinolene is a common terpene found in sage, rosemary, and Monterey cypress. Terpinolene has a complex aroma with floral notes, pine, and herbs. It tends to have a sweet flavor similar to ripe citrus. Terpinolene has been found to be a central nervous system depressant used to induce drowsiness and to reduce psychological excitement (anxiety). These effects are countermandated when paired with THC. The effects of Terpinolene with THC can be stimulating to one's mental state and can exacerbate racing thoughts and anxiety.  




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