Aroma: lilac, crabapple blossoms, lime blossoms.

Vaporizes At: 420ºF (215ºC)

Potential Effects: Relaxing

Potential Medical Value: Antioxidant, sedative, antimalarial

Also Found in: apples flowers, lilacs


The aroma of terpineol can be described as floral-like, reminiscent of lilacs, apple blossoms, and lime blossoms with a hint of lemon. It is known for its pleasant smell and is often used in soaps and perfumes. Terpineol is often found in strains that have a high level of pinenes, the aromas of which can hide the smell of terpineol. Terpineol tastes like anise and mint. Terpineol is known to have calming, relaxing effects. It has antibiotic, AChe inhibitor and antioxidant and antimalarial properties.




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