Pure. Consistent. Effective.

We are leading botanists using advanced robotic controlled environment agriculture to produce the purest, most consistent, and effective medical marijuana.


the Elements


Our strains are categorized - Indica dominant, Sativa dominant, hybrids, and high CBD - into a color coded system reflecting the elements, providing patients with ease of identification.


Our products include a variety of strains - each grown, harvested, dried and cured to perfection. We only sell the highest quality flower - never shake - and package it in 5 different ways.



Whole Flower

We provide all of our strains in ⅛ oz and ¼ oz quantities.


Convenience Line


Get the benefits of pure flower, pre-ground or pre-rolled, to give you what you need in a form that is ready to use. We grind each of our strains and sell them loose, or .5 gram premium pre-rolled cones in 1/8oz package of 7 .


Pre-Rolled Cones


Pre-Ground Flower



We offer 10% discount for seniors, anyone on gov't assistance, and veterans. 20% discount for those who qualify for two of these categories. Pediatric patients receive a 50% discount.

Once you are a Harmony registered patient, we will provide you with a username and password so that you can start to build your cart before arriving at Harmony to pick up your purchases.