FAQ’s on Medical Marijuana

It is quite possible that marijuana could help reduce your pain or increase your quality of life.

Can medical marijuana help me?

Consult a registered doctor who is familiar with the medical use of marijuana and can recommend it for you. The NJMMP website provides instructions to get your card.

How can I know that marijuana is pure
and not contaminated?

Licensed dispensaries are the ONLY place you should buy marijuana. Marijuana purchased from a dispensary is laboratory tested and meets stringent standards.

How might I use medical marijuana
if I don’t smoke?

There are many ways to use medical marijuana products; vaporizing the flower or an extract is easier on your body than smoking. There are also edible options which can be made at home, as well as topical products that can be applied directly to your skin.

How difficult is it to create edibles at home?

It’s easy. You can create edible products using ground flower or oils. Sweet or savory foods can be infused with marijuana. Instructions are available online and in most dispensaries. There are also cookbooks available specifically for making marijuana edibles.

What's the difference between smoking and eating marijuana?

There is a much more immediate perceived effect when marijuana is smoked or vaporized. It is easier to control dosage, because the effect is shorter lived than consuming an edible. Preparing and consuming an edible is an effective delivery method, but it takes longer for your body to feel the effects. Therefore, it is important to start with small amounts of an edible and slowly eat more over a period of time until you reach a comfortable level of desired effect.

Do I qualify for discounts or does my insurance cover the cost?

Insurance typically does not cover your marijuana medicine, but it is worth submitting it to your insurance company for review. You qualify for discounts at Harmony Dispensary if you are on public assistance, are a veteran, a first responder, or a senior citizen. Pediatric patients also qualify for discounts.