Convenience Line


Our White Bag Convenience Line products are intended to make the ingestion of medicinal cannabis as easy as possible for our patients. Our Convenience Line comes in two forms, pre-ground flower and pre-rolled cones.

The pre-ground flower is whole flower that has been ground in an industrial marijuana grinder, sifted to remove stems, and packaged in both ⅛ ounce and ¼ ounce volumes. Pre-ground flower can be placed directly into any smoking implement, vaporizer, or turned into an edible form for consumption.

The pre-rolled cones are high quality rice paper cones filled with our pre-ground flower. They are packaged in individual tubes to maintain freshness. They are ½ gram each, and are ready to smoke right out of the tube.

White Bag

Our White Bag Line is packaged in custom light and smell proof polyethylene white bags, and is available in ground flower form as well as pre-rolled cones.


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